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The Future Is Near

With all the talk about Harvey’s dominance and the continued evolution of Wheeler, d’Arnaud, Syndergaard and the many other young arms the Mets possess in the minor leagues, it is becoming more apparent that the Mets, and Sandy Alderson, realize that the future they have all been building towards is near.

The biggest problem that I see, and I assume many others do as well, is the Mets seem to be developing pitcher after pitcher with very few bats.  While they do have newly acquired d’Arnaud knocking on the door and Nimmo developing nicely, albeit still a few years away, there is not enough to help this team contend.

Which leads us to the talk of Giancarlo Stanton.  Now let me be clear.  There is no way I would trade Wheeler and d’Arnaud to obtain Stanton, but the fact that the Mets are even being mentioned in the conversation is more than enough to let the fans know that the time is coming, and Alderson has his finger on the trigger should something of value and need come into the picture.


Scouts Take On Niese via @MartinoNYDN


Queens Cheers … Bronx Jeers

Opening Day 2013 has come and gone for baseball fans in New York City and it couldn’t have gone any better for us Mets fans. Unfortunately, the same could not be said on the other side of town.

While everything was coming up orange and blue in Flushing, all the black and blues in the Bronx were creating the harsh reality of what may lay ahead in 2013.

Jonathan Niese was given his first ever opening day start and did not disappoint. He went 6 2/3 and kept the light hitting Padres off balance for most of the game. The Mets loudest thunder came from one of their newest imports, Collin Cowgill, who became the first Met EVER to hit a grand slam in his team debut. Some solid work from the pen sealed the deal and another opening day victory was had by the Mets, who lead the history of baseball in winning percentage on opening day.

The Yankees, were not as lucky. Sabathia struggled with his command and the Red Sox took full advantage. While this battle does not have the mustard that it did in the earlier part of the millennium, the Red Sox left their mark by taking game 1 of a long 162 game marathon.

Something that both games had in common was the lack of buzz in the stadiums. Being present at Citi Field, which is a annual tradition for my wife and I, it was obvious from the moment we entered through the gates. It was quiet. The game was relatively quiet, the seats were not full and people, at times, seemed bored. None of this took away from our personal experience, because we are two of the biggest Met fans you will ever meet, but just an interesting, and not totally unexpected observance after the results of 2012.

Yankee Stadium, according to all accounts, was much of the same. Usually the hot ticket in NYC, the Yankees just don’t possess that buzz in 2013 and much of that can be contributed to their aging roster, where the majority currently sit on the disabled list.

I also wonder, how much of an effect did having both teams open at home at the same exact time have on the attendance at each stadium? I cannot remember the last time the Mets and Yankees both played home openers on the same date and time.

No matter what the reason for the lack of buzz in Flushing and the Bronx, the Mets were able to create some noise with their production on the field, and with Matt Harvey set to toe the rubber for game 2 on Wednesday, the buzz should be all around Citi Field in nthe coming days, weeks, months and years. The Mets have a lot of young talent starting to making names for themselves, and even more are soon to be on their way to Flushing. It is a good time to be a believer of the orange and blue and all the years of heartache and suffering, hopefully, will be coming to an end soon enough.

Welcome New Mets



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